Children Protection Plans

Each of these planning levels can be uniquely structured to reflect your situation and objectives

College Kids Protection Plan Minor Children Protection Plan
YOUR SITUATION Secure Your Child’s Future with the College Kids Protection Plan! Now that your son or daughter is an adult, the legal landscape has changed. You no longer have the automatic authority to make vital medical or financial decisions on their behalf. In emergencies, navigating court procedures to gain this authority can be time-consuming and costly—a delay you can’t afford when every moment counts.

Don’t leave your child’s well-being to chance. With the College Kids Protection Plan, you can be designated to make crucial decisions without the need for legal battles. This means you can step in swiftly to handle medical care or financial matters if your child is unable to do so.

Ensure a seamless transition to adulthood for your child and gain peace of mind for yourself. Invest in the College Kids Protection Plan today.

Secure Their Future with the Minor Children Protection Plan! As a parent or grandparent, you know that estate planning goes far beyond tax considerations and asset distribution. Your top priority is the well-being of your minor or special needs children, and you want the assurance that if anything happens to you, they will be in the hands of someone you trust, receiving the holistic care they deserve.

If you’re concerned about clearly communicating your wishes regarding the guardianship and upbringing of your children, our Minor Children Protection Plan is designed to set your mind at ease. This comprehensive package ensures that, in the event of your illness, injury, or passing, your children will be cared for by individuals you have specifically chosen. Moreover, it provides clear guidelines for meeting your child’s financial, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Don’t leave your children’s future to uncertainty. Plan for peace of mind today with the Minor Children Protection Plan.

PLAN FEATURES Health Care Power of Attorney. This document will allow someone your child trusts to make medical decisions for them and will state their healthcare desires if they are unable to do so.

General Durable Powers of Attorney. This document empowers a chosen representative for your child to manage their financial and legal issues. The representative can oversee banking activities, pay bills, and even initiate legal proceedings, if required.

HIPAA Release. This authorization permits a designated individual to consult with healthcare professionals and access your child’s medical records.

Temporary Guardianship Agreements: These documents unambiguously designate interim guardians who will look after your children in the event you become incapacitated or pass away, until the long-term guardians you’ve specified can be reached.

Permanent Guardianship Agreements: These documents explicitly identify the long-term guardians who will assume responsibility for your children if you should pass away or become unable to care for them.

Emergency Contact Cards: Pocket-sized identification cards for both your wallet and home, offering straightforward guidelines to officials for reaching the designated short-term and long-term guardians for your underage children.

FEE RANGE $550 $550


An Estate Plan Tailored to Your Needs

Each of these planning levels can be uniquely structured to reflect your situation and objectives

Single Plan Trust Plan Wealth Plan
YOUR SITUATION You are unmarried
You are single but have children, either minors or adults.
No concerns about estate taxes, and your assets are straightforward
You possess assets that would go through probate, and your aim is for an effortless, court-free transfer to your beneficiaries. You are liable for estate tax, or your assets encompass business holdings or out-of-state property.
You hold assets subject to probate, seek a court-free asset transfer to beneficiaries, and desire maximum convenience and care in asset management.
YOUR OBJECTIVES • Your medical preferences are specified in legally enforceable documents
• In the event of your incapacity, your family members can utilize your assets to ensure your well-being
• Should you possess minor children, provisions are in place for their care if you pass away or are incapacitated
Comparable to the Single Plan, with an additional goal:
• Safeguarding your beneficiaries’ inheritance against estate taxes, legal challenges, and claims from external parties, such as estranged spouses, bankruptcy, or healthcare debts
Identical to the Trust Plan
Same as the Trust Plan
PLAN FEATURES • Standard wills
• Medical powers of attorney and advance directives to ensure your healthcare preferences are respected
• Lasting powers of attorney for financial and legal matters
• A testamentary trust provision, when necessary, to safeguard the well-being of minor children.
Building upon the Will Plan, it also includes:
• Expert advice from your Copper State Planning attorney for seamless asset transfer into your trust
• The reassurance that, should you become incapacitated or pass away, we will be on hand to guide your family in managing both your care and your estate
Expanding on the Trust Plan, the package additionally offers:
• Comprehensive asset inventory and assessment to clearly identify your holdings and their status
• Guidance in pinpointing assets that should be incorporated into your trust
• Help in determining your trust’s beneficiaries and specifying the assets they are slated to inherit
FEE RANGE $2,500 $3,500-$4,500 $4,500-$5,500


An Estate Plan Tailored to Your Needs

Each of these planning levels can be uniquely structured to reflect your situation and objectives

Family Will Plan Trust Plan Wealth Plan
Your Situation You possess assets solely within Arizona, and have a spouse and/or children, either minors or adults. There are no estate tax concerns, and your assets are fairly straightforward. You have assets that would go through the probate process and you aim for a smooth, court-free transfer of these to your beneficiaries. You own business properties or real estate in other states. Your estate may be taxable and you own probate-liable assets and desire a hassle-free, judicially independent transfer to your heirs, prioritizing maximum ease and meticulous asset management.
Your Objectives • In case of your death or incapacitation, provisions are in place for the proper care of your minor children
• Your healthcare preferences are laid out in legally enforceable documents
• Should you become incapacitated, immediate access to your assets is available for your loved ones to manage your care
Building upon the Family Plan, with the additional aim:
• Shielding your beneficiaries’ inheritance from the impacts of estate taxes, legal actions, and third-party claims, such as those from divorcing partners, bankruptcy, or medical debts.
Identical to the Trust Plan
Same as the Trust Plan
Plan Features • Basic wills
• Testamentary trusts, if needed, for the protection of minor children
• Health care powers of attorney and living wills to ensure that your medical treatment desires and healthcare wishes are honored
• Durable powers of attorney to protect and allow access to assets if you are incapacitated
Enhancing the Will Plan, this also includes:
• Expert counsel from your Copper State Planning lawyer to facilitate the seamless transition of assets into your trust
• The reassurance that, in case of your death or incapacitation, your Copper State Planning legal advisor is ready to guide your family in asset and healthcare management
Augmenting the Trust Plan, the package additionally features:
• Thorough inventory and assessment of your holdings to clarify your asset composition and ownership
• Guidance on designating which assets should be part of your trust
• Assistance in identifying the beneficiaries of your trust and earmarking the assets they will inherit
Fee Range $3,500 $4,500-$5,500 $5,500-$7,500
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