How it Works

It Starts with a Call

It all starts with a phone call. We’ll briefly go over what services you’re interested in and schedule an initial consultation over the phone or video conference.

Before our first meeting, we’ll send you the below form to fill out so we can get a good understanding of your financial picture, your wishes, and what advice we can give. If you have an existing plan, we’ll have you upload a copy through a web portal.

Our process

Crafting and Protecting Your Legacy with Our Process



Get to know us.
Ask Questions.
Tell us your story.

We’ll discover your goals and discuss your options.



Decide on the people and mechanisms you’d like to protect your legacy.

We’ll design and draft the best plan for you.


Review & Sign

Review your estate plan.
We’ll make any final changes and prepare your estate plan binder.
Sign and review the final plan.


Take Action

We will coordinate your assets with your estate plan and prepare any beneficiary designations.

Initial Meeting

I know that when you first come in to meet with me, you want to know what to expect and feel prepared. Estate Planning isn’t a document; it’s a life plan. I don’t want to provide you with a stack of paper. I want to give you advice and guidance, tempered by experience, in making important life decisions.

At our initial meeting, we’ll go over your retirement plans, testamentary goals, and what your hopes and dreams for your family are.

At the initial meeting, I’ll answer any initial questions you may have and provide you with some options and a flat fee quote.


I’ll Guide You Through It

If you choose to proceed, we’ll send you a fee agreement and schedule a longer in person (or virtual) design session to take a deeper dive into your goals and wishes.

At this stage we will figure out who the key people and fiduciaries shall be and what the options are regarding your plan. We’ll go over the possibilities and unseen hazards associated with each choice and how to accomplish your goals. We’ll run through some scenarios and make projections as to what your retirement and estate will look like. We’ll go over all the options, the consequences, the pros and cons, and answer any questions you may have.

Depending on the complexity of your plan, more than one design sessions may be needed, but for uncomplicated estates one session should suffice.

Let’s Make a Plan

Don’t worry, we’ve got this. We’ll guide you through every step of the process and make sure everything will be okay.

Call us today to speak with your legacy guide.

Drafting and Review

Once I understand your wishes and your financial picture, I’ll start drafting your documents.

I’ll email you the initial draft and we will schedule a time to go over the document to make sure you understand everything and can make changes.


Signing Ceremony

Once you have approved the draft, we’ll prepare a paper copy for your signature and schedule a signing ceremony.

We can do it in person or I can send a mobile notary to you and you can execute the documents from the comfort of your own home.

Get In Touch

Don’t worry, we’ve got this. We’ll guide you through every step of the process and make sure everything will be okay.

Call us today to speak with your legacy guide.

Funding and Completion

If we’ve created a living trust, all assets will need to be retitled. I will assist you with retitling your major assets and provide you with Funding Instructions for the other assets. I’ll also assist you with changing the beneficiary designations according to the plan on major assets according to the fee agreement.

If we’ve created a testamentary trust or simple will, I’ll assist you with the beneficiary designations.


Future Meetings and Upkeep

We’re not creating a death plan, we’re creating a life plan. And just as life is ever changing, your plan may need to change with the tax code and new laws or major life events.

I will keep you updated on the latest changes to the tax laws and estate planning via a newsletter. In addition, I’m happy to have a free check-in phone call once a year to make sure your plan is still current.

If your plan is complex or your life situation is in flux, we can discuss a maintenance program where we can have annual planning sessions at reduced rates.

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