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We help everyone craft a comprehensive and thorough life plan to guarantee that their legacy will endure.

Estate Planning

The focus of this practice is trusts & estates work. From revocable living trusts to GRATS, SLATS, and testamentary trusts. We will draft a plan to meet your needs.

Prenuptial Agreement

No one plans to divorce. And no one plans to crash their car. A prenuptial agreement gives both parties a plan in case the worst happens.

Wealth Transfer Planning

Transfer assets and wealth to your loved ones through carefully studied tax efficient financial planning strategies.

Wealth Preservation

Wealth preservation planning is a critical step to take to protect your money and assets, for your future self and future generations.

Business & Succession Planning

What will happen to your business when you die or are incapacitated?
If you own a business or part of a business, you need a succession plan for death or incapacity.

Tax Planning

The combined effects of all taxes can reduce your bequest by over half! Good tax planning is a requisite if you don’t want the IRS taking your hard earned money.

We Prevent Unintended Consequences

Our specialty is the prevention of unintended outcomes through good planning. Any paralegal can draft a will. We craft comprehensive plans which prevent unintended consequences and offers the flexibility to change as the laws and circumstances change.

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Why You May Want to Hire Us

A Lawyer Who Listens

There are no “Big Law” egos here. I will not pass you off to a junior associate. You are the star of your life’s story and I am your guide.

I am here to advise and guide you so that you can rest assured your legacy will endure, your finances are secure, and you can live life to the fullest.

Protect & Grow Your Legacy

You are successful and have big goals. We can help you protect your legacy and achieve those goals. Let’s plan against life’s uncertainties.

Comprehensive Advice

Receive comprehensive life advice. Whether it is financial, business, or legal, I have answers. Even if the question is personal.

Associations & Memberships

Serving Chandler, Phoenix, and the State of Arizona. With the following community organizations.

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