Transfer on Death Designations and Deeds

The Perils of Transfer on Death Designations and Deeds: Why They May Not Be Wise and Don’t Always Work as Intended

Introduction As an important facet of estate planning, the decision on how to transfer wealth and assets to heirs can be a complex one. Transfer on Death (TOD) designations and deeds have emerged as popular mechanisms due to their straightforward nature and their potential to avoid the rigors of the probate process. While on the […]

Irrevocable living trust

What is an Irrevocable Living Trust in Phoenix, Arizona

An irrevocable living trust is a powerful tax & estate planning tool. It can protect the assets placed in trust from future creditors, divorce, and Medicaid. It can also function as a will substitute, allowing your family members to avoid probate. But what is it? This article will tell you what an irrevocable living trust […]

Trust Protector

What Is a Trust Protector and Why Should You Consider One?

A trust protector is a relatively new concept in the realm of estate planning and trusts, but is quickly gaining favor in many dynasty trust plans.

GRITs in wealth management

Wealth Management: Grantor Retained Income Trusts (GRITs)

GRITs, also known as Grantor Retained Income Trusts (GRITs), are a type of estate planning tool used to transfer assets to a trust while still retaining the right to receive income from those assets. This can be an attractive option for individuals who want to transfer wealth to their heirs but also want to continue […]

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